Gerald and Adriana Picado – their Calling


On May 8, 2000, my wife, two sons and I arrived to the United States with only two suitcases but with our hearts full of dreams. The catholic Charismatic Renewal Group which belonged prayed for us and blessed us before leaving, as we attended this church. The plan was to stay six months we in the U.S. to pay off some debts and improve our English, but God’s plans were different to ours, were bigger and better. In coming to America Costa Rica we met a lady in love with God (Jenny Diaz) who invited us and took us on  a Sunday  to Mundo de Fe in  Carrollton.
There we fell in love for Jesus , a Jesus that changes lives and  our hearts melted before Him and we decided to give our lives to His service for ever… this  was the best decision we have ever made. He changed the course of our lives, goals, etc.. So much so that shortly after God began to speak to us to attend a Bible Institute in Dallas (Christ for the Nations Institute (CFNI))  to prepare for what was not yet understood, and  we had to hurry because there was no time to lose.


At this time we  belonged to the ministry of prayer and intercession in Mundo de Fe Carrollton whom Mundo de FE Grand Prairie pastor , José Luis Luna, was in charge of. we opened our home as a house of prayer. On September 7, 2001 our third child was born in Dallas in August 2002 and we started my studies full time at CFNI ; we moved to live on campus of the institute.
During the time we studied at Christ for the Nations Institute,  which we call now  the time of extreme economic scarcity but spiritual wealth, we  worked delivering pizza in Garland and met a man who God used to mark our ministerial life his name was Mike. One day I had to deliver pizza to the apartment of Mike  and  I realize that the door won’t open, so after calling out several times I could her Mike’s voice asking me to come in. It turns out that Mike was suffering from diabetes and his legs were so swollen that it broke his skin and shed blood and it was in that condition that  I found that day. He was in his bed and he could not move . after that I helped him eat his dinner, I asked if I could pray for him, and he accepted. The next day I went back with my family, we took care of , we loved him and we adopted him. Mike became part of our family because he had no family nearby, he was alone, and we accompanied him to hospital appointments, etc. and  cleaned his apartment.

But one day we got a call and we were told that Mike had been found dead. We mourned him but he had already given his life to Christ, and could not be in a better place. Mike’s life was used by God to awaken in us the love of God for those who lack or have never received it. That’s when we started supporting a group called Bread of Life who visited restoration centers, orphanages and gave food to the homeless. There was born in us the desire to see faces transformed by Jesus Christ, changing their lives little  which mattered perhaps little to society and helped them become agents of change. We loved to see that and help so that could take place in the lives of these people that no one wanted anything to do with them. We knew that God had called us to minister in Costa Rica.
In May 2004 Gerald graduated from CFNI and obtained  a degree in theology, but more than a title was a meeting with Him and a revelation of who God is, which made us give ourselves unreservedly to the service of God, believing that what we do is in the name of the call that He has given us. Over the years we have always been part of Mundo de Fe  and the ministry of intercession and participated in organized events such as Breath of Heaven by Pastor Marco Barrientos who was also our teacher.
Once graduated from CFNI in May 2004 we began working in a Denton Rehabilitation nursing  home, there we learned to listen and understand people with terminal illness and had the opportunity to lead many to Jesus and  lead them in the prayer of salvation. In this city, God gave us the opportunity to buy our house and started small cleaning company which continued until it was time to leave all that we called home, all what we called our own, to return to our country after 10 years and start again, so we decided to return to Costa Rica in 2010.
In Costa Rica we have already started the ground work with young people tired of religion and some very hurt by the same church. We show a Christ that is healing, forgiving, and giving of a second chance, many of them have accepted this second chance and God has opened their eyes and  they now have the mentality of sons of the Almighty, they dream big and desire to develop the gifts and talents to help others.


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